The Cartwright Companies has recently entered into a partnership with Expatriate Management Services (EMS), a recognized leader in global business solutions based in London, to provide the only complete integrated global mobility solution available worldwide.  This new service is called GS3 – Global Single Source Solution.

The GS3 platform is a powerful, intuitive system with web portal customization that interprets, encrypts, and integrates any software language into our secure, interactive database.  The backbone of the system is a global business process system called AMIS (Assignment Management Information System) that is 100% compliant with international laws governing the holding and movement of data and funds worldwide.   AMIS can integrate with any HR, finance, or operating system to create powerful tools for companies to most-effectively manage their global business needs including payroll, payments, assignment management and relocation.

The new GS3 service has been described as “one-of-a-kind” and “too good to be true” by CFOs, HR directors, and other executives around the world.   This global business process system is 100% compliant with international laws governing the holding and movement of data and funds worldwide, with demonstrated cost savings of 40-60%.  The AMIS payroll service network spans 146 countries and territories and is expanding.  With fully-auditable business processes that are compliant with U.S. Safe Harbor, Sarbanes-Oxley, and EU Data Protection laws and guidelines, GS3 delivers a custom-designed system to fit the needs of any company operating internationally.

Cartwright has hired three sales executives to market GS3 across the U.S. – Gene Carpenter (Kansas City), Bob Karas (Los Angeles), and Thom Kessler (Denver), with combined industry experience approaching 75 years.  Along with their partner, EMS, in London, Cartwright also has spheres of influence originating in Portland, Oregon and Melbourne, Australia.  More information on GS3 can be found at

The Cartwright family of Companies is proud to offer GS3 to the world and follows 77 years of providing global mobility solutions to corporations, government and military agencies, and individuals worldwide.

About the Cartwright Companies
During our 77 year history, the Cartwright family of companies has moved tens of thousands of people across the country and around the globe.  Our focus is on providing integrated global mobility solutions for corporations, US government agencies and our military families.  Our ability to manage the complete assignment management lifecycle, from cost estimates to in-country payroll to repatriation, through our integrated global mobility solution, is unmatched in the industry. More information can be found at

About Expatriate Management Services
Expatriate Management Services is a private corporation headquartered in London, England.  EMS created the AMIS platform specifically to meet the needs of international payroll outsourcing.  AMIS is an automated system that is the result of an extensive development project between IT and HR professionals.  It has no equivalent in terms of worldwide functionality and capability.  For more information visit

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