The Government Services Administration has released their annual Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) rankings of the Transportation Service Providers (TSPs) participating in GSA’s Centralized Household Goods Traffic Management Program (CHAMP).  Cartwright Companies, a leading provider of integrated global mobility solutions, placed third in the International rankings.

The Customer Satisfaction Index is a performance metric used by the relocating government employee and the agency’s transportation officer or traffic manager to evaluate the Transportation Service Providers.  This information is captured on the Household Goods Carrier Evaluation Report.  GSA and the household goods moving industry agree upon the evaluation criteria in advance. It is the basis of the CSI and measures a customer’s (employee and transportation personnel) satisfaction with a TSP’s performance.  As a result of these annual rankings, GSA may increase their scope of operation with TSPs who rank higher.

Of the 77 TSPs registered for international shipping, only 10 actually received scores.  Cartwright received a CSI of 103.73 – a CSI of 100 indicates average customer satisfaction.  Cartwright is a perennial member in the rankings, scoring a 102.94 in 2008.  A complete list of scores is available at:

TSPs who apply to participate in GSA’s CHAMP are stringently evaluated and assessed.  TSPs qualify on financial stability, business experience, quality assurance, and knowledge of the Household Goods Tender of Service (HTOS) standards.

The Cartwright Companies is proud of this accomplishment and feels it reemphasizes the company’s philosophy and the importance each and every employee places on delivery top-notch customer service.

About the Cartwright Companies
The Cartwright Companies is a private corporation headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, and is among the nation’s leading providers of household goods moving.  Since 1934, the Cartwright Companies, formerly Cartwright International Van Lines, has provided household goods moving, freight forwarding and shipping, and relocation and moving for homes, household goods, vehicle, and other heavy equipment for tens of thousands of people across the country and across the globe.  The Cartwright Companies focus is on providing integrated global mobility solutions to corporations worldwide.  Please visit our website at


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