We need the entire membership to contact their Members of Congress in support of including “unrated” carriers in the National Hiring Standard to the Highway Bill Conference Report, currently being considered

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Please forward this message to all of your employees and constituents who might offer their support.

The addition would add “unrated” carriers to the third requirement of the National Hiring Standard and protect the 3PL and freight forwarder industry from flawed CSA data being used as evidence in a frivolous negligent selection lawsuit.

The way the current language is crafted your company would only be protected when you hire a “satisfactory” rated motor carrier or 13 percent of the industry.

The addition being championed by Congressman Duncan (R-TN) and Senator Fischer (R-NE) clarifies that motor carriers who have not been prioritized for a compliance review by FMCSA due to their safe operations are equal in safety status to satisfactory rated carriers. This language is necessary to ensure that 447,665 unrated carriers, who are mostly small family-owned businesses, are not penalized by a flawed federal safety rating system.

We need every single member to write and/or call their Members of Congress and ask them to support adding “unrated carriers” to the National Hiring Standard. Your business depends on it.

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If you have questions or concerns, please contact Chris Burroughs at burroughs@tianet.org or (703) 299-5705.